Missing Tax Documents? How to Track Them Down


Individual taxpayers may have received most of their tax documents via mail or by electronic delivery by mid-February.

Form W-2 and most types of 1099 forms are required to be furnished to individuals by the end of January. Form 1099-B, which reports sales of stock, bonds, mutual funds and other investments, is required to be furnished to individuals by February 18, 2014. If you’re waiting on a Schedule

K-1 from an S-corporation, partnership or trust, be aware that those schedules aren’t sent out until the entity finishes its tax return, which could be as late as September 15, 2014.

If you are missing any tax documents, the best procedure is to contact the business or financial institution responsible for the tax document. You may be able to download the missing document by logging into your financial institution’s Web site.

If your employer refuses to give you a copy of your Form W-2, you can ask the IRS for help. The IRS recently stated:

“Employers are required to send to their employees a Form W-2, Statement of Earnings, by January 31. Employees should allow enough time for their form to be mailed to their address of record. If form W-2 is not received by mid-February, employees should first contact their employer to ensure they have the correct address on file.

“After exhausting all options with the employer, employees may contact the IRS and we will send a letter to the employer. However, we would urge you to call after Presidents Day week to avoid long wait times on the telephone.” (IR-2014-14)

It is possible to obtain copies of tax documents directly from the IRS by requesting a wage and income transcript. Recently the IRS updated their Web site to enable individuals to request transcripts online. Be aware, however, that tax documents for the previous year usually aren’t fully uploaded to the IRS’s transcript database until late summer or early fall.

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